Writer Became Vlogger

Okay so here’s the deal. I am a writer and it’s hard for me to sit in front of a camera and be that in a vlog form because it’s just hard damn it. See what I mean, I can just shit out words here and i have no trouble at all. it just comes out of my fingertips and into this little box.

It’s hard for me for ‘the writer me” to meet the “vlog me” and tonight I decided I would challenge myself and I like a good challenge so I accepted and I think I managed to do a great job for my first try.

What do you think?

After trying it out I realized its rally funny stuff and I loved it and keep getting new ideas for more, but I wanted to share it with my followers here in word press land so you can all tell me what you think of it and if you enjoyed it and would like to see more. I wont be posting another one until they reach over 100 views so if you like it please go watch and direct your friends to it as well and I will get started on another one that will please your hungry appetite for more.

These are the closet to “Me” as it gets, haha. “Who knew right” you all thought I was just bubbly and giddy all the time and full of spunk huh? Nope I’ve been hiding this side in writing. You know because you read my blogs my little sweet pumpkin frogs you. “Muah.” I am loving the writer me coming to life, it feel so great. It’s still hard to get used to because I’m not used to saying what I would write in a blog and how I would say it, but I did it and I think I did a good job for the first two times.

Let me know what you think πŸ™‚


2 thoughts on “Writer Became Vlogger

  1. Words cant describe how good these were. I am not surprised tho. Just another outlet for your unending talents. I am suprised somebody hasnt approached you yet about acting. Its apparent you would be wonderful at it. Hope the spirit moves you to do many more

    1. thank you very much. I have actually took the liberty of making a personalized channel on youtube just for these videos I called it HotSpoX I have written so many now and in the process of writing more and filming them. I have even set up the days I post which will be Mondays and Wednesdays and they will be fun topics πŸ™‚ well topics I think are fun haha πŸ™‚ I am really excited about this because its a bit of everything I love. Writing, acting, editing, filming, opinions and entertaining people and making them laugh. πŸ™‚ its really fun. Im even going to make a tshirt with the logo HotSpox on it to wear for the videos but that will have to be when I get paid again. πŸ™‚ all in time. I have so much planned I think of it as a business. I just keep getting ideas pouring in.

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