What the Hell

I swear to gawd, every morning I get up, or it doesn’t even have to be morning. Okay well it’s usually morning when I notice it.

I looked at the clock and it’s like, lets say I see that it’s almost 9 am in the morning and I feel so well rested from a full nights sleep. I get up and get dressed, Niki and I do and we have breakfast and then I glance at the clock at it’s an hour earlier than what it said before so it’s almost 8am. This happens every morning like I’m moving in time. It is so weird, yet I love that shit, so I am really quite interested in what the hell is going on with that.

I mean I have always known i could alter time because I would be late for something and arrive early haha. How it happens I have no clue. Also I would have a shower and think I’ve been in there for so long because I make myself stay in there long because it feels so nice and then I get out and it’s been five minutes and this isn’t just when I’m alone. Oh know. The time shifts even around people and they don’t even notice it.

I’m just moving and their not, or something happens like that. So strange. Or I’m moving faster in a minute or hour than they are and then I catch up once my conscience is back to, hello. I’m still here on planet earth pretending to be human like you. haha

I am alien so this doesn’t at all surprise me plus it’s been going on for a long as time and I have had so many experiences through spirituality that it’s so easy to know for sure, and unless you know me really well like my family and close friends. You aint going to believe me when I said it.

hahaha I like that though.

Who else is alien?

Oh… and who else time shifts?


4 thoughts on “What the Hell

  1. I would be kind of worried about the out of body too if it happens by suprise. I mean what if it happens at a really big time. I was wondering too, you said that you get up with Niki so he is with you. Is he time traveling too or does he stay in one spot and you time travel to where he has been all along? I think its a good question. You have mentioned before about him possibly inheriting some of your abilites. Maybe he causes some of the time lapses? I dont know just some things I thought of. You are certainly a multifaceted women. The people around you are very fortunate.

    1. aw thank you. Well he sleeps in his bed in another room but I swear he travels to because we seem to be in sinc almost all the time. He’s got my light in his eyes, I love that. 🙂

  2. Fascinating. i mean you are in many aspects but this one is truely a head scratcher. Would love to be able to do that in great spurts of time. How much time have you been able to travel? I know you said about an hour but was wondering if maybe their has been a span of time longer than thatl.

    1. It used to only be a few minutes years ago now it seems like I can do it hour and a little bit, probably the most is an hour n a half so far. I can also have out of body experiences, now those are freaky as hell ha! they kind of take you by surprise and you kind of worry about getting back in.

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