Anything More Beautiful

Have you ever tasted anything more beautiful than rainbow ice cream? I just found some in a store and bought it. how could I not? I love rainbows and it’s ice cream which makes it that much more beautiful. I saw it and I fell in love and I was drooling all over my clothes and blamed it on Niki. He’s teething so it’s more believable. I thought, “wow there is nothing more beautiful than this delicious ice cream and then I saw it.

The most beautiful yummy in the whole world and I drooled more leaving a puddle of my saliva on the floor beneath me, it took awhile to convince the costumers and staff there that my water hadn’t broken.

I saw Peanut Butter chocolate chunk cookies and grabbed them. They were mine, I love them. I saw and fell in love, a lot different then the feelings I had for the ice cream because I love peanut butter and mix that with cookies and I got me some good ass shit.

What is so beautiful to you?

One thought on “Anything More Beautiful

  1. I havent heard of rainbow ice cream but it sounds yummy. You should like rainbows because they are like you, happy and full of light.

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