A walk In the Rain

I had to go for a long walk in the pouring rain and of course I get soaked because I can’t hold an umbrella and push my big stroller unless I want to pass out from over exerting myself, so I choose to get wet. I mean from head to toe wet, I got a hood on but I still get soaked. Then not only do I have to get wet I have to wait in line, while in the rain to get my food hamper. Yes I am a poor person and need to go to food banks once or twice a month. That’s life.

Niki seems to love the rain and every time I cover him so he doesn’t get wet he tries to peek his head out and get his hair wet and then he giggles about it. It made me think of my childhood. I was a rain lover when I was a young girl. I remember when I was 12 or 13 I would purposely go out in the rain without an umbrella and just stand or dance in it. It was a great memory, I loved the smell and the feel and the way it sounded and after going inside I loved changing into warm dry clothes and my body felt like it had been cleansed. it was so refreshing.

I snapped out of that memory and I tried to cover Niki up again but he still would uncover himself and lean so far out of the stroller so that he could get the tips of his hair wet and laugh. He is so adorable. It brought back another memory.

I was about 5 or 6 and my mom had six kids so there was a lot of us and there was only one of her. It was hard to get attention sometimes and I was upset about it and about something else I can’t remember and I thought. I’m going to go sit out in the pouring rain without a jacket or shoes on and get sick and then she will pay attention to me to. I must have waited out in the pouring rain on the curb outside of my house for about 10 minutes before my mom saw me and came out and got me and brought me inside. I got my attention at least. :p

Another thing I remembered was I was about 9 and I always got headaches. Headaches are something I suffer from, I’m not sure your all aware of that but I suffer from head aches and migraines. I have my whole life. I’ve been checked out for it, but doctors can’t seem to find a cause. Anyways so I had a terrible headache and I don’t take pills, for those that know me because of my short gag reflex and the fact that they freak me out or make me vomit. :p

I was hiding under my bed which was in the basement where I shared with my other two older sisters and I was crying, hiding under my bed and my mom found me and crawled under as much as she could to ask what was wrong. I told her I had a head ache and she kind of chuckled and asked why I didn’t tell her and what hiding under the bed was going to do for it and I mentioned how I didn’t want to take a pill and I knew she would give me one. Then she left for about five minutes and came back and said, I dished you out a bowl of ice cream, why don’t you come upstairs and eat it with your brothers and sisters. it will help your head ache.

So I did with a few sniffles of my nose and I started eating the ice cream which tasted a tad funny in certain spots but I still ate it and soon after my head ache was gone. I now know that my mother had chopped up the pill and mixed it in with my ice cream. Haha. She was always so sneaky like that.

It’s amazing how a walk in the rain and watching your own child can make you remember things from your own childhood. Sometimes it’s hard to believe we were ever that young, isn’t it.

One thought on “A walk In the Rain

  1. Yes sometimes we forget what its like to be young. What its like to enjoy the rain and just dancing and smiling in it. Its a shame we do that because I think we loose something withink ourselves. We have no choice but to get older, but we dont have to get old

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