Movie Love

Is there love like the movies out there?

I watch so many love stories and they are so touching and beautiful to watch how the characters fall in love and do anything to be with that someone and it makes me wonder if there is love that really exists like that.

I want to believe there is, ever since a young girl I believed in such love but all I have ever experienced was my ability to love like the movies but not the mans. Ha! It’s kinda sucky. Well it is sucky, what am I saying. Love isn’t perfect, hell I know that. Who wants perfect, I’d settle for equal. I want to feel like someone loves me just as much as I love them and cares about me and what I go through. Who gets involved in my life the way I do in theirs. Someone who takes interest in all that I do and doesn’t criticise me and make me feel like I don’t meet their expectations. Someone who looks at me like I am someone special in their life and takes the time out of their day to let me know how much they care and that they are thinking of me and show interest in what I do.

Is there a movie love out there?

I’d like to here a good story about one, if anyone has that kind of love or has had, please share it with me. I think it would be so great to read something so beautiful like that. 🙂 I love reading and watching love and experiencing it. I think love is one of the greatest things and feelings in life. It’s worth fighting for and saving and feeling and experiencing. Love is so magical and honest. Love is unexplainable and makes people do great things and sore high like an eagle and and and… okay am I talking on a cloud on this?

Well I personally think love is all that and more.

What do you think about love?

One thought on “Movie Love

  1. I think the kind of love you talk about is real. I think people dont find it because they jump into relationships too fast and dont hold out for the real thing. I think its getting rare now though. People are just accepting medicore relationships for real love. Movies are just to entertain us, but I belive true love still exist.

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