Falling Peddles

Falling peddles of northern sun

A rainbow light of shooting stars

In my heart a shield of love

Uncovered in sheets of silky fun

He fooled my eyes and my heart

He covered my ears from the words off his tongue

Upon his lips I felt his lies

It was in his energy I stepped back in time

Unto his hands I grasped at his thoughts

What I heard was a truth I can never take back

To his secrets I cry inside

To his lies I turn my side

To his thoughts I cast aside

To his lips I shield off mine

For this man cannot have what is already mine

My love will be hidden

But shared with the world

My heart will be shining and shimmer in light

My strength will get stronger each day that I rise

And to moments of sadness I smile, ear to ear

For he cannot take my heart in despair

He cannot own my soul or my hand

He cannot keep this heart I hold dear

For my love is within my heart

For my love is not sold or stolen or met

Love is just love

In a story I had

Love is my own

In a chest I hold dear


Beating it sings a song of a bird

I’m stronger then yesterday when my cries met my bed

I’m wiser than days you fed me your sweet fruit from the palm of your hand

I see you now dear man

I will not be back

No more

2 thoughts on “Falling Peddles

  1. WOW long time since you have posted a poem but it was well worth it. Very beautiful and powerful at the same time

  2. There are a lot of clever lines here. But the poem’s greatest strength is its message and its defiant character. Keep your head up. We get stronger by the day.

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