Camping Vacation

“Me… camping? I still can’t believe it.”


So it’s almost here, the day when I get to go on a vacation. An actual vacation, which well.. let’s face it, I’ve never been on one before. I get to go Camping with my family which is just totally awesome and Niki and I are going to have so much fun. It will be his first vacation and camping trip as well. I get to use a huge ass tent to because my awesome brother leant me his so I can experience a great first camping trip. :p

I have packed almost everything except the fridge things I need to brings which I can’t pack until the day we leave obviously or that will just make a gross little mess, now wont it. :p

I am so excited to go. I even got myself a little potty for my tent so I don’t got to walk five minutes to the bathroom during the night. Otherwise I’d never get any sleep. I am hoping Niki will be a good sleeper in the tent, if not OH BOY!

A few more days to go. I am charging up my cameras so that I can film my experience and make some cool as vlogs for you all as usual. Always creating know matter what I’m doing. :p

Wish me a good trip :p

Have a great summer everyone 🙂

One thought on “Camping Vacation

  1. So happy your finally getting to go. I hope you and Niki have a wonderful time. Cant wait to see the pictures and vids you decide to share with us. Forget about everything and just enjoy yourself.

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