Getting Dissed On TV

The new show is on E! called Opening Act where they are finding amiture artists or as I like to call them, un-noticed artists to open for stars on concerts etc.  I was chosen as one of the selections to be seen by the judges, who knows why, since I was pregnant and would have no way of being on that show, nor would I have chosen that video/song to be played for that if I was serious about getting on it, considering I’m pregnant in it and it’s about me being silly and singing about being pregnant. Though the judges added it into the selection and chose to use it as a fill in to insult me. Funny, yes. Weird? Um yes, yes it is.

Does it make them look unprofessional to do so, WHY YES YES IT DOES. I think if your a judge you should be more respectful and shouldn’t judge material that clearly doesn’t even fit the category. Like what the hell, I wasn’t up against prego mothers. Or in a silly category. COME ON. Plus I wrote that cool funny song, get a sense of humour NIGEL! “CRAZY MY ASS”

Oh and the girls that judged. They allz wuz just jealous of my pregnant glow. POW

I did like the black guy, he wuz HOT, At least he said he liked it. lol ” I believe his name is  JASON DERULO , he is in my good books, the others can suck FLY’S

My video begins at the 4 min mark where the girls and the guy who judge  Nigel Lythgoe . Seems to always be girls that diss I notice. I’m not sure why they used my video in there and everyone elses song was Nikki’s kinda strange. Also they don’t realize I’m being silly and I’m pregnant and the song and video is about that, though I don’t look too pregnant in it so how could they know.

Yea yea.. Famous people talked about me. BIG DEAL. Their just people like you and I. Only they have lots of cash, live in big houses and are on tv and stamped with a famous label of BIG NEWS. WOOP. I was just on tv for the second time, does that mean I’m FAMOUS TO?

Whatever lol

I’m laughing this off because the fact that I’m pregnant and in that selection is mind blowing to me. I shoulda been in a silly group and in one where others were pregnant performing as well. DAH! how the hell can I even be selected when I’m baking a baby in my Belly. COME ON!


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