What Makes a Good Blog?

I’ve often asked myself this very question before attempting to write a blog. I hope to inspire or write about something that others can possibly to relate to, or otherwise enjoy on some level and sometimes I just plane out write about what’s on my mind. I have always been a writer at heart. I feel it is the best way I know how to express my feelings and thoughts, since I’ve never been much of a public speaker. That in no way means that I am incapable of expressing my feelings and thoughts through communication, I just am more comfortable through writing and I find I can really take the time to express and explain what I want to convey better, when it’s through the act of writing.

So, what makes a good blog?

Is it the truth behind the writing? Or the sarcastic statement at the top line that pulls you in. Perhaps it’s a topic that wheels you in, or possibly you relate to it on some level?

A good blog to me is one that I can really relate to. I love truth and I love when others express their feelings and thoughts through their words and paint a picture I can really see, and put myself in their shoes and feel something. I think it’s very important to feel something when you’re reading someone’s words on a screen. After all, it’s only words on a screen if there are no feelings behind it, right?

Blogging has never been something I aimed to do in life, then again most of what I have done in life hasn’t been what I aimed for, but that’s the beauty of life. It is unplanned and it doesn’t go the way we want, but in the end we realize that it was so much better this way because whether it was tough or easy, we discovered, or became greater people we can really be proud of because of it. It all depends on how you decide to look at life. I for one can say, my life has been a roller coaster of ups and downs and the ups lift me up and give me strength.

Something real?

There are always times I feel alone and like there is no one out there who could possibly understand where I’m coming from half the time, or have the sympathy and caring towards me and all that I have come through in life. To others I feel like they see me as small and just a young girl, when in reality I am more than that. I think everyone feels this way though; it is a human emotion to feel alone on so many levels. There is also no wrong in feeling this way and soon you will meet someone, it could even be a stranger on the street that looks at you, or says something so meaningful. Something that changes you and reminds you that you’re not alone, and that even when you’re invisible, you’re really being seen by someone.

My heart is of faith; I have always been a strong believer in God and the spiritual world around us. I have talked with angels and have a certain ability I don’t speak of too often. Those who know me behind this screen know of me, but those who know me of only this screen, know only what I share. Sometimes, not even that.

I have always wanted to inspire and give something to the world through my expressions of art, which ever form I choose to express and share and for the most part I have felt defeated, but that was only because I was looking at it all wrong. It isn’t about struggling to be seen a certain way by others, or to be liked or appreciated for the things I wanted it to be for. It is about finding myself and enjoying who I am and really loving myself and knowing that only good can come from love. I know bad things sometimes happen to good people, I’m living proof of that, but if you only see it as bad things then where is the strength in that? I have become a stronger person, but not only that I have become able to see what I have been missing for years. I look at the world differently and at people differently. I get down at times, which is perfectly okay, but I get right back up again and keep on learning and discovering more about who I am, and becoming the person I want to be, who I never thought I could be.

To you, I may just be a single mother of almost five children, who has had bad relationship’s, and writes words on a blog and sings and dances (cough) on a camera screen. I am more than just a girl. I am more then, “just”

So what makes a good blog?

Easy, “someone who writes from the heart”


One thought on “What Makes a Good Blog?

  1. I think you have hit it on the head. EVERYTHING you do, your dancing, singing, your art and yes your blogs comes from your heart and that is what makes them so great. People that just try these things on a whim just fail in the long run.

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