What the Hell Man!

I’ve had a baby for two weeks now and I forgot about all you peeps on my blog who were waiting patiently for me to write something. Well here it is,


That settles the fuss.

Teddy is now two weeks and two days old today, he was born Nov 3rd. I had to be induced to get things rolling and after I was, it only took three hours to have a baby Teddy Bear. The labour was good, it started to hurt more when I got to 6 cm and then my doctor broke my water and went for a coffee. I asked for some drugs to take the edge off and got me some morphine. Okay so before I was even high, I had to push. It was not even 5 mins after my doctor went downstairs for a coffee. Two nurses had to deliver my baby. I got scared when they told me to breathe all serious faced. The head was out and I knew something was wrong. I found out later that the cord had been wrapped around his head three times and they were untangling it as he came out. Yikes. It wasn’t tight thank goodness and he was healthy and happy. He was placed on my chest where he hugged me and was holding onto me. The nurses kept commenting on how he was holding me. I guess they never really saw that often. It was adorable. I love my little Teddy Bear.

I changed my choice of name because he didn’t look like it. I wanted to call him Bear, because that’s what I felt his name was, but I didn’t think it was good to call him bear. When my mom gave me the name Teddy after singing Elvis’s Teddy Bear song I decided Teddy was perfect, because it was in fact another form of Bear. Hehe. So he’s my Teddy Bear. Teddy is a very content baby as well, he only cries when he’s hungry. Niki was a colic baby so this is great that he isn’t.

Teddy is my smallest baby, he was born at 6 pounds 15 ounces and is still looking ever so tiny. 🙂 Everyone asks me if he was 5 pounds when he was born. haha. My other baby’s were big compared to Teddy. he still doesn’t look as big as they were when born.

Here are some pictures,

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