So.. Why Are You Single?

Do you ever crindge at this question? How about roll your eyes like me because it’s a rediculous question. How on earth do you answer that?

Why are you single Mandie?

Hmm, let me see. Because I fricken em!

By choice? maybe

Got Dumped? Sounds true

Got heart broken? UM HELL YAZZ

Got abandoned and used by some a hole who just used me for sex. VERY TRUE

But mostly I am single because I am so sick and tired of men treating me like a piece of meat they can slap around when they feel like it.

Okay… I know I am venting my hiney off, but I am really tired of hearing this question asked and I am also tired of men talking to me like I can satisfy their sexual needs.

Heart to heart… I have been heartbroken and I am still healing from it. I got cheated on, and used and abandoned all in one year. I am tired… I do not want to get hurt again. I want to have a loving relationship with a man who actually really loves and cares about me and isn’t just into sleeping with me and knocking me up only to leave me when he feels like it. I’m going to be getting my tubes tied so no man can do that to me again, but still, I will not be used again.

Okay so back to that lame ass question. Stop asking people it because it has no purpose and you can’t really answer it. I don’t know why I’m single, the guys I’ve been with treated me badly, left or didn’t really want me. There’s your answer.

And how the hell am I suppose to respond to men telling me how many times they wack their noodle, or how horny they are?

“um yea, that’s so awesome man, I love it.” “talk more dirty” Like wtf

What do these men expect me to say after that?

I am very turned off by that sort of information and additude and I know how to find out if you are, it’s all in what you say, how you say it and how you act. I may have been dead blind to it before and let it slide, but now when I sense that crap I run far, I run fast.



2 thoughts on “So.. Why Are You Single?

  1. You should be able to vent, its your blog. I get the same crap about “do you have a girlfriend” why not, only from a guys point of view. You deserve a loving relationship and I have no doubt you will find one, maybe not as fast as you would like, never fast enough for us, but you will find it. So glad you are smart and will not settle for second best anymore. Oh and the next time some moron tells you he is wacking off, tell him you have a knife and you could do some wacking of your own. lol

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