This Is My Moment

I’ve aloud myself to become victim to the bonds that bind us to each other and fall completely and utterly into a pool of salty tales of sour memories I slaved from.
To a moment, to a star I looked to each night caught me by my shadow and swallowed my heart, leaving only ache until morning beckoned me forward. This is the pain many speak of, the tears many write and moments we pray to forget, just this once


Blind to my own habit, I speak of my memory and fail to rise above my weakness of heart, for I have been captured and he owns my fate. For I have let him, rob me of all conciseness and fall from all grace in the eyes of watchmen.

Then a truth was revealed and in that moment I regained my sight and found my heart beating. It was then when I awoke to my own voice calling my name and my own touch pulling me forward. I was present and aware of everything that existed before me and I realized I was where I had always been. I was home again and in a moment I was fond of, a moment where I had been before, but not in the moment of now, but in the past that was future, but now is present standing. I awoke to the song of love that beckoned me forward of a new beat and a strong thunder that roared in the near distance that will welcome my wounds to healing and bring forward the gifts in showers will I rain for this is my moment. I stand outside of my new arrival and wait patiently, for the moment to match the moment and time to tick the time of start for my beginning to call me forward and no more will I fall victim to this man who holds me in black oil by my ankles and wrists. No more will he hold me back from myself, or my dreams. No more will my nights be swept awake by his calling or his pain he has left by this hole in my heart. My heart will be whole and wait for my future and it is there when I shall have golden eyes of diamonds and sing a new balled and praise a new mate. This is my moment to shine and beauty shall rain. This is my time to move my feet in grace.

This is my moment, I shine.

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