marc chagall

I’ve come across his paintings and love the symbolism of them, he is very talented and inspires me to paint. I can’t wait to start drawing and painting when I move into my new place and get an art table. I would really love to prosue my art more and eventually sell my work and inspire more people. My drawings are symbolism as well. πŸ™‚

The_Prophet_Jeremiah_-_1968_-WullThis is such a brilliant piece of his and to me it resembles rising from weakness.

marc-chagall-chagall-adam-and-eve_i-G-61-6178-TVG1100ZJust wow, how beautiful is this?

marcchagallderspaziergangπŸ™‚ so great

marc-chagall-three-candles_i-G-8-809-VLOI000ZπŸ™‚ such beauty in his work.



2 thoughts on “marc chagall

  1. You seem to be into magic realism and floating. I know I am. I’ll be walking along thru some quiet neighborhood, one foot on the threshold, then a dog will sneak up behind a fence and bark his head off ~ and thrust me into a world of canine suspicion. Ain’t life somethin’…

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