Vivid Painting

For the past few weeks I have been dreaming of the same image I want to paint. I keep seeing the shadows of it and how to draw it and how to paint it in. I see it being a medium to large piece and it is so peaceful and beautiful and has a sweet love about it. I am in love with this painting now, that I will create. I have know idea why it keeps reappearing, but it is so beautiful, one that I will have to frame and hang on my own wall if it turns out the way I see in my dreams.

I am still learning about the whole process of selling my paintings, once I get started, like how to duplicate the images so that I may keep the originals and sell the duplicates. I’d like to keep the originals for my wall and my own memory and enjoyment. It would be so great to inspire others to purchase my work and for them to want to hang my pieces on their own walls. That would be so great to see and hear about. If anyone does purchase my paintings in the future I hope they will share a picture of it hanging and post it under my page Paintings on my blog here. 🙂

Also if anyone knows how I may duplicate a painting from a canvas to another so that others may purchase, please let me know.

Is it odd that I am more excited about getting into my new place to plaint this piece, then I am to unpack and set up?  Ha! that usually never happens, I’m usually a decorating fanatic when I move in, but I am so looking forward to painting this piece, it’s insane. It’s just so beautiful and to think it all started with my mommyboo describing a picture she wants to find for hanging above her fireplace and all of a sudden a piece came to me, inspired by this image she described to me. Only I added a few things to it that i thought brought more life and love to the piece.



4 thoughts on “Vivid Painting

  1. How to make copies of your paintings:
    First you need to take as good a quality photograph of the painting as you can. Something like a 16 megapixle camera with a good lens and balanced lighting. This photograph is taken to a printer or even a copy place and printed on paper that is made to look like canvas. This print is then mounted and your ready to sell your work without actually selling the original. The prints can be made in a lot of places. Even WalMart does them. The mounting can be expensive so you might want to consider doing it yourself.
    That takes care of the How to make them. The How to sell them is a bit harder I think.

  2. Cant wait till you discover how to duplicate your paintings. I would love to have a Mandie painting. I understand you wanting to save all your originals for yourself but I think originals would sell better. People like to know they have a one of a kind.

    1. I realize the originals would sell better, but they could only be sold once. :p I found a site I can go through to duplicate, and sell through. So that is great. I could go through it that way and also have it so I can privately sell my paintings as well. 🙂

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