Cute Is my Name

From the moment I was born my mom gazed upon me and named me a name that was later changed to Amandah and it went from Amandah to Mandah, to Mandie. I have had so many names it’s not even funny, though there is one name that I have been called since the moment of birth and I am starting to wonder if that should just be my name because it’s what I seem to be known as. It defines me.


I am always called cute, I don’t know why, but it seems to be my name.

“hey Cutie” “Your a cutie.” “Wow, your cute.” “your so Cute”

Okay, I am Cute, if you say so.” Pinch my cheeks and call me cute.”

I am wondering, what makes me CUTE? I am not bothered by it at all, I think I’m cute to, I am a part of that, “Your cute” fad, but what makes me Cute to you? What is it about me?

My baby face, my personality, my heart, my young look, my creativity, my mind, my eyes, my hands, my look, my eye brows. Ha

Do tell me?

Here this will help you brainstorm ideas,




One thought on “Cute Is my Name

  1. Yes I would say of the many many things you are, cute would be one of them. I think its a combination of many things. Your youthful looks help, and you have such a youthful and vital outlook on life that comes from your creativity I think that also lends to the “cute” label. Believe me you could be called a lot worse than cute. Your eyebrows? LOL

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