Busy as Bee’s

My day has been non stop. I am serious, I feel like my mind is running a million miles an hour and I can’t wait for it to be bed time and I can have a nice hot bubble bath and relax. I had to do more shopping today and get a few more groceries since it’s easier then doing a huge shop in one shot considering I only have a stroller to put food in. Plus it allows me to go for a walk with the kids and they enjoy that a lot. So I looked into getting a Po Box because I have a few people interested in purchasing my paintings and also some that want to send me some fan mail which is pretty awesome I think. I have always wanted to get one and think now is definitely the right time to do so.

I am feeling really good about everything in my life right now, I have my beautiful healthy children who are a God’s send, I have my creativity that surprises me every day. I have a PO Box. I am looking into going back to school to redo my ECE so that I can work in B.C. I am also seeing a nice guy right now. Friends right now, we’ll see how that goes, I’m not in a rush, I am just enjoying time. I see my friend John on tuesday and have more plans from there. 🙂

I am getting a few more things for my place like rugs, lamps to brighten up and make the place more homey.

Life is good right now and it feels nice to stand tall and feel good knowing the negative people that were in my life were wrong and I really can meet nice people and accomplish what i want to if I just believe in myself and go for it. God will do the rest.

Next week is going to be busy, tomorrow I’m going over to my parents and my dad’s going to help me make my first resume and then Monday I have to take Mimi to the vet for her next needles/clipping/program and then go down to see about getting sponsored for school. Tuesday I have a play group for the kids and then John comes over. The rest of the week I’m not too sure what’s going on, hopefully resting. Ha! I am also planning on working on another painting, I have in mind.

One thought on “Busy as Bee’s

  1. I am so very happy for you that your upbeat and things are going well. Glad you have a friend and are taking it slow. I hope John knows he is a very lucky man. Good luck on the rest of the week.

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