Even moment, in sudden step

A curiosity on life in a blossoming flower, the spring has come. I taste it’s kiss.

The breeze on my face I feel Gods beauty, I feel hope and faith and joy. I feel Gods grace.

There is a song of birds that play around me. They sing a prayer to the falling sun, each song a new prayer, each prayer and new day.

My heart in symphony I hear it’s words. I see all meaning in each glance. The water in waves in the far off distance it kisses the shore, the rocks, the earth in each wave forward and each wave back. There is music in the world to ears that listen it is why homeless hold signs of God, why they say prayers, why they give with nothing in arms.

They hear God.

Can you hear his voice, feel his love in each breath you take?

Take one moment with me, for one moment escape.

From work, from kids, from noise and stand outside at night fall on a quiet street and close your eyes. Her your breath, feel the breeze on your skin, or the rain. Now take a deep breath in and hold it.

What do you feel?

Focus on that breath you captured, that moment your holding, the piece of God inside of you. It fills you, it calms and protects you. it gives you meaning and knowledge, it feeds you youth and it gives you strength.

When you have forgotten this, remember to breathe

capture a moment

God is inside and all around you

You can feel it, if you just listen and look beyond what is before you, beyond what you are


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