Pure Souls

A rare find in life is a soul that is of purity. In the darkness we live in there are light walkers, scattered around the world.

What is a pure soul?

A pure soul is a soul of no sin. It is a soul that has either never sinned or has been completely forgiven by God and no sin touches their heart or soul. Protected by God’s holy light. I was told I am one. I know how, that may appear to others. The judgment that entails. I do not claim to know more than you, nor better than you. My knowledge is not of my own, but of my beloved one’s in the kingdom of God that rests in each of us.

For as long as I can remember I have had my connection with God and the spiritual Whelm that surrounds us, even if it is not seen, or touched, or believed by those of closed eyes. It exists and because it exists, here I am and here I am to teach you.

There is so much unspoken and not understood and so much that may never have answers for your curious tongues that seek proof of such things, but do know that I will give what I know on times when I am given them. Like today.

What makes me a pure soul?

When I met with a wise woman, as I have met many wise in my time here so far, drown to each other we are and we learn and seek that messages that are sought out to us at that time for future use. it is the same method Dreams are and visions. Messages. This particular wise woman told me that my soul is pure and that either I have not sinned, or my sins have not been sewn to my spirit, they were forgiven or not seen in God’s eyes. I do not know if it is because I am of pure soul as an original, or if it is because I ask for forgiveness for everything I think is wrong that I have done and not only say the words, but mean it and change from what I have done. I learn from it and gain strength from it. See, many refuse to see the truth of forgiveness, they believe the words said make it true, but there is no worth to words without truth behind them and God see’s through all. If you are asking, he is watching and he will give you forgiveness.

Have you ever met a pure soul?


3 thoughts on “Pure Souls

  1. Very well explained Mandie. I think the main point of it all is if people mean it when they say it. Not just because they are in trouble and want God to bail them out.

  2. I love what you said here, ” there is no worth to words without truth behind them,” that is so profound. As long as one is pure in God’s eyes they remain far from it. This is the implication I get from what you said. Am I far from what you intended to communicate?

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