Life Is A Coconut

Sometimes life cuts you short and casts you out and no matter how many weights hold you down you fight to lift them off of you. Strength is internal and it rises in us each time we fall, it is to a virus as it is to a cell fighting it off and once it finds the cure it remembers how to over come it. We come through many obstacles in life and some of the most challenging are the ones that connect to our emotional core. My heart is a song and it plays what I feel. My mind is a scrabble board always trying to think of the right words to make the best move forward. My life casts so many shadows and every ray of light that catches my eyes I take a moment and breathe in and out and take a second to capture what I am about to step into. I have learned to slow down and pear out. I have learned to enjoy and how to use my emotions and words in the best ways I can. I have learned many things, but none prepare you for the next obstacle you have no logic or experience in. Life is a coconut.

yyyyyI just wanna break the damn thing open and taste the milk inside and eat from the core, but it’s hard outer layer protects the flavor, the magic inside from damage and false taste. It allows us the ability to gain patience and structure and strength. it gives us the possibility to find our own way in and enjoy what lies within.

When will I taste of it’s magic… when will I swim in my silky bath of goodness and devour the secret withheld at hand.

My life is a Coconut

Cheers to that!

Spit It Out!

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