Touching Stone

Life seemed pretty traitorous and I stepped on a lot of stones along the way and fell into a shit load of holes that caused me the challenges to try and climb out without completely cutting the shit out of myself and falling back in. I have had a hard journey and through it have gained experience and insight that will guide me through the next challenges that I am to face. Life is like that, sometimes I want to scream at it and say, What the Hell!

Its mind-blowing the way it sneaks up on you and its full of blessings when it gives you love and wondrous gifts along the way which dont make any sense within your situation. I will never understand life on planet Earth. Being an alien and all, how can I. This planet is strange and much to my surprise filled with many people i dont like.

I would like to meet life and form some sort of understanding and be able to walk without falling in the many holes it keeps casting infront of my feet and for right now i see clear road ahead of me, but if life is planing a whole nother hole for me to fall into, we are going to have to have a big discussion because its so not cool. I know Im not making any sense and at this point your now curious minds are spinning like mice in a hamster cage thinking it leads to cheese. i dont really have a point though and Im not trying to give out any information. This blog has absolutely no point, its just for entertainment of my mind. I felt like writing and this is what my hands typed. blame the writer.

It could be because Im alien, that seems to be my excuse for everything, and a good one at that. Making sense isn’t part of the alien brain, we are confusing and unpredictable and sexy little beings we are. We are full of life and love and passion and will make your mind do flips and send your heart on an adventurous rollarcoasters until you throw us off a few times too many and then we will fly through the sky like a bird and land in someone else’s world and begin again until we find that special human or alien who can walk on our level and sing from the same tune or eat from the same fruit.

Making any sense yet… dont answer that, just keep reading and maybe i will come to my point. I doubt it though, i just want you to read my blog because its why i write it. I like to entertain and I like to make you think and gain insight even if that means not learning anything but how to raise one of your eyes brows and say, okay… that was… and click the tab that sends you away from my blog only to come back to it later to raise another eye brow. I am just that awesome.

So since i have rambled and wasted about 2 minutes of your time and caused you to raise your eye brows probably a few times I will end with a poem, since you all seem to adore my poetry for what ever reasons you do. I dont blame you, who doesn’t like something alien, right.

Sounding solids in mystic time

there is a calling for mystic rhymes

in times of need we sound our chimes, but sounds of bells bring mountain tides

waters wave from left to right

sun burns bright of flames of light

we cover bodies we cover lies

your evil ways have caused blood lines

begin their journey, begin their time

here come the walkers, prepare your knives

scratch no service of uplifted flies

end all suffering from your countless tries

lay so still on a watery ground

angels calling, here comes Gods nine

Break over mountains, burn down the shields

no armor can destroy what is written in lives

sound the trumpets, sound the song

red ribbon the magic of the new found land of everlasting love

touching stone was his beard of flowers that hung

His sandles of gold, laced through his toes

his eyes of bright blue, he stares out at you

unto the souls who raise in their riches

unto the wicked who lay down in sicken

unto the soles of feet who dont listen

your lips bleed of lies, yet you are forgiven

unto the good, the fair and the healers

unto the hearts of pure and skin of sunlight

here is a scripture, here is a land

here is a word that will protect you from wicked

here is a rope you may travel together

here in a song we can sing forever

God smiles in each, upon to you

Today, we are touching stone

This day will come soon

Spit It Out!

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