One Scary half hour

There is nothing more terrifying then opening your pantry cupboard and finding a family of pantry moths who have invited their cousins and friends and their families to your food supply that you absentmindedly forgot to seal up properly. Bags and bags of sugary foods for baking and cooking with families and friends gathering for a new home that will keep them fed for years.
You better believe I stepped up and took action on those pests and started whacking the shit outta those shit faces and spraying their families until they fell or splattered dead as I shouted, “TELL YOUR FAMILY’S Tell Your Friends. I SHALL BE YOUR DOOM!”
I do not like bugs, any bug, doesn’t matter what the hell it is, I am terrified of it.
Just look at that thing.
Yes I know, they look a lot more creepy up close and personal, in an image that enhances every detail because gawd knows, we want to examine them close up right?
I don’t like bugs! at all! not one little bit!
I love butterflies, but you better believe I don’t let them get near me because I can see their creepy little insect bodies when their too damn close to me and their beauty suddenly disappears. It’s like, “Ohh how beautiiii… ohhhh gawd, get away. AHHHH!”
Yes that’s me.
I get freaked out from lady bugs.

Well, you can all rest easy knowing that my cupboards are now free from these things and my trash is full of them along with their hotels of my bags of supplies they’ve made home in.


Spit It Out!

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