Do Dream Catchers Work

I believe they do.

I mean, I have suffered from vivid dreams in the good sense and the bad which had always bothered me, especially if I had a really bad day and something that frightened me happened, that night and many to fallow, depending on the depth of the fear I will have more vivid bad dreams of the incident, but amplified. After having so many dreams like these, which are very clear and real feeling I decided to try out the dream catcher, because I know they are believed to work, but I do know that you probably need to believe in them to activate it. Kind of like a crystal.

I had one hung above my bed most of my life which has helped, but as I got older in age and also sharing a bed with someone will cause the dream catcher to take turns if you only have one hung, so I have eight to make sure that it works and it does. I have 1 to zero bad dreams now. When your dreams start coming back more, it is because you need to replace yours, or simple shake them to get rid of the caught dreams. Up to you, which method you would like to do. I just shake them, unless they get ruined some how, by pets, or kids…


Spit It Out!

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