Magical Land

When I was a little girl I used to nurture my dolls and stuffed animals as though they had souls.

I truly believed that they did.

I know believing in such non-sense is supposed to be childish.

My home was like yours, it was on a familiar street, with family that loved me and ups and downs that flooded the halls with sounds.

Memories are a beautiful thing to have. Memories are the flash of truth that stays with you as a reminder of how you came to be and it can also be a window through someone else’s eyes. Memories create a puzzle for the future that will pan out.

As a young girl, I grew with a wildly vivid imagination that took me on many adventures. I was a mermaid and a princess. I was a lion and a queen. I fought the evil in the land and saved the innocent who looked up to me. I achieved greatness in the land that surrounded me, but this was in the mind of imagination, where I could be anything and anyone. I was a story teller from birth and in everything I did and said it created a magical story that took place around me.

Believe what you will, but as a child we are capable of change and magic that is born in each of us and I held on to mine. I never believed in letting go of the child that lived inside my heart that allowed me to see the truth before me. That allowed me to dance, sing and play as a child does. I never let go, although I did stray from my imagination and magic after enduring the evil queens hand through my growing years, but good always prevails and I found myself again and built up the courage and strength to overcome her wrath. The evil queen is not a person but a metaphorical expression that describes the obstacles that have set themselves before my feet along my journey.

I have danced in the fires of evil and I have voiced in song in the light of God and it is a balance that I have come to obtain within my temple.

I believe in the magic and in love. I believe in imagination and living in the truth of today, so that tomorrow may shine brighter then yesterday and the future may bring new adventures that strengthen us and pull us together.

I see the world in a different light at my age and although I don’t hold a great number that represents my year. I hold with me wisdom that has grown with me along my travels and set me on the path I walk today. Love has taught me much in my life and so has the struggle I have faced.

I am still that young girl that nurtured her stuffed animals, but I am also much more then that young girl that saw the world with confused eyes and a big heart. I forget how magical life truly is sometimes and then I awaken and I realize and it all makes perfect sense. Everything I have endured, everything spoken, to every action I have taken. I find understanding in it all and it surrounds me and covers me as a young girl would cuddle a blanket.

My mind is clear and my eyes are finally open and my heart beats in a rhythm of music that plays at my ears in a song.

It is but a moment I am quiet as I sit in the darkness and a single candle flickers to the breath expelling from my lungs that keeps me alive. There is magic in the way we breathe, the way we see through our eyes and the way we touch not only the objects and beauty surrounding us, but another’s heart. There is a moment that you will always remember and take with you, that has awakened you and for some it may not come until breathe needs you no more. Some it takes flight in the wings you soar of today and guides you on the path you were set to walk from birth. We all stray from our stones that outline the river of thirst and the tree of fruit that fills us.

I have found my way back, never knowing I was lost, in this magical land that not only has all that fairy tales entail, but its love and beauty and most of all magic that entwines with every living thing and being that roots from this land. We are connected in much more than a spiritual sense, but in a magical spiral that swerved in and out in a dance around and through each of us connecting all the pieces. In these magical strands is the knowledge of each of us, that defines us. The explanations and scientific proof of what we are, who we are and where we come from. It holds us together in a silent discovery that know, no words.

One can only explain it in a single standing notion.

“Shine light on it and it shall give strength”

Spit It Out!

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