12 Qualities I hate in a man

I mentioned the 12 qualities I love, so now I will mention 12 that really bother me in a man.

1. Shows and expresses dislike in my family or friends.

2. Doesn’t listen to me when I speak, or give me his undivided attention.

3. Only compliments me on my looks.

4. Insults me or makes me feel bad.

5. Only does sweet things when prompted to.

6. Puts himself before me.

7. Has no sympathy for me when I’m ill or upset…

8. Is not a gentleman.

9. Shows no interest in what I love and enjoy.

10. Makes me feel like I’m wrong about everything.

11. Thinks being a mother is easy and that a stay at home mother is lazy.

12. Never wants to lighten the load and do things for me that will make my day easier. Or show that they appreciate all that I do for everyone.


Share with me yours if you like.

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