Dead Or Alive

I saw my plant while making myself some Bacon and Eggs and got a weird idea to film a short video about it. I dont know where I get these strange ideas, but I’m guessing it’s from my brain. ha!
Secret about me is I am secretly grossed out, or rather uncomfortable with plants. I do not like their feel, or their soil etc. I am very bothered by touching dead flowers or plants. I don’t have any idea why, but it really does not sit well. That isn’t to say that when plants or flowers die around me I run like a bee’s after me. Or avoid throwing them away, so I don’t have to touch them. I will even sweep into my hand spilt soil or flower petels that drop or spill. But I dont like it and inside I am quivering in disgust of it. I suck it up though and do it anyways.
Pushing past your discomfort in silly things or fears is key to evolving into a more tolerant, stronger person. Or maybe that’s just talk from my ass.
Who can really say, right?

Spit It Out!

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