Outter Dreams

Spirits creep at the seams of my dimension and stare while I’m sleeping, but I feel them and wake to their eyes peering and hear them screaming. Though it’s not a scream that is of trouble, but one that is waking and the haunting feeling creeps beneath me and pulls at the seams of my body, trying to grab hold of my soul to wake me. I’m wide awake now and I peer around. I used to be able to keep them away and I use to have control of it, but it’s on fire now. Fire raging inside of me, I have become an open window and it shines in on me and the light is in my eyes. I just want to sleep, but nothing will let me. It keeps me awake and when I see them I cover my eyes until they dissipate so that I may fall back to sleep, but they are still there. Watching me and waiting. But for what, are they waiting? do I owe them something, a word or a quest? do I open a gate for them to walk through, i think not because that is a job for the gate keeper and that is not I.

I am… sometimes I know, but most times I don’t remember, but why do I know what is not remembered?

Who are these creatures who stir in the night and watch my closes eyes sleep? Who are these creatures that wait for me to wake, to only see them and to revisit me?

There are whispers that fallow me now, but it is sometimes without a face and without a trace of anything, but I know they watch me.

My inside mind is turned outward and my third eyes is wide eyed and watches these creatures. I do not understand why they are here, or why they have crossed over to me when I had closed the door and forgot about such things. I forgot about such gifts, if that is what they are, sometimes they are a curse. Why have they crossed?

That is the right question and for some reason I feel I am the answer.


Blue in colour, vale hung over the face and gowns of bluish sheer down to it’s feet. Hands held together by another, facing my way. A strong presence, with others near by, but none are showing. They surround me and the energy is strong and it gets stronger and stronger and I fall deeper and deeper into fear because the energy keeps rising and my body goes weak and I cover my eyes in fear. I am frightened and I have not been frightened by this in a long time, but I am scared. There is no one to hold, no one to protect me, I don’t even speak them out of fear, that they may hear and return, but they do anyway. Only twice. I had told of my fear and I never saw them return. Or felt them, but I do feel something. Something watching me all the time now. Something fallows me here.

Who is this? Who are they?

Maybe this is all a fib…

Or maybe, I’m serious.

Spit It Out!

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