Inside Out Shadow Of Shit

Silent shadows cast their cloud and melt my smiles into the ground. Planted roots my feet are loud, my whispers quiet. My words profound. Against the water I splash and kick, I paddle frantic and all jump in. Happy smiles from surrounding faces, when I hit bottom they all hold hands. I’m liked alone, but not when held. I’m alone in silence and I quickly sink. My struggles rattle at the tips, my lips, they quiver and my heart jumps in. His eyes they gaze and blaze in blimps. Bumpy roads cave and melt my ships.

Only hands with contracts or else I sink. Only help if I give what’s hard to slip.

My heart is burning, my eyes are sore. Long nights of crying, left me a wimp.

My shadows melted and now I slip. I drink my sorrows and numb my spit.

Words are frozen, between my lips and I’m dreaming rainbows and I can’t quit.

I regret my calls when they turn to shit. I forget my sadness for a moments whim.

I dream of laughter and heavenly sleeps. I dream of dancing and lovers romancing, why can’t I be them.

I lay my head low, pillows swallow me in. I’ve captured silence, so let me be quick.

My life is standing, which way do I spin.

Spit It Out!

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