gun3 (2)

So apparently someone invented an insect gun that will kill all insects in a more Humane way, they’re not really technically human though, as long as they die, I’m happy, I know that may sound bad, but insects are creepy and very alien like.
The gun looks like a squirt gun you’d buy for a kid, which is a good thing because if someone was swinging that thing around in public it might look like their taking the park or campground hostage, so you better take cover, or call the police who will wait till salts been squirted in your eyeballs to show up and confiscate it.
Now I have a few questions regarding this magnificent gun that will kill insect. I’m very curious about it. What if children get a hold of this gun?
What if they start squirting their siblings with it because sister stole brothers chocolate chip cookie, Seems like a logical solution and punishment to a child in a tantrum
Do you need a gun licence for it?
A salt gun license
If caught with it without one, will you be charged for assault with a salty weapon?
“Help, Police… I’m under attack.”
Apparently the salt makes the insects dry out and die, kind of like the experiments we all did on slugs as kids.


Spit It Out!

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