The Perfect Gown

I’ve ragged and I’ve raged on about my dislike, but in the end the man is my fucking knight and I his princess and things just get ironed out in the end. That’s what love is, it’s fucking messy and if it isn’t then it isn’t really passionate love. I mean look at the fairy tales from our childhood growing up, Ariel got with a human who was just ordinary and couldn’t even protect her and snow white got with a prince that was okay with her living with seven old men with odd looking ears and weird symptoms and names. Sleeping beauty was asleep most of her relationship and cinderella got with a man who married her because the shoe fit.

Love doesn’t always make sense and it isn’t always clean cut, it’s jaded and creased on all sides and it shapes you and tests you on every level and makes you fucking mad, but love is the greatest thing in the world when its real and most of all true and unconditional.

This kind of love, you cannot live without, even when the skies are raging in blue and blackness, you fill the air with swirling magical white that lights up the night in lanterns.

Here is my dream dress, 4ff26054-46fb-4639-b0df-ad83dc596199-enlargednormal

It’s a snow white wedding gown, so I guess that makes me the creepy pale girl who lives with seven old men, but I’m going about my tail a whole other way.

This snow white may have pale skin, as white as snow, or more an ivory. “lets me real here,”

I met my knight walking through a grassy field, he was dressed in black at a distance and he saw me and we knew he was mine and I his. Moved quickly, just like a normal fairy tale would and it was rocky and shaky most of the way as we got to know the good the bad and the ugly about each other and you know… some beauty in there as well.

Now we’re getting married. “Who knew”

I think it was a shock to everyone. “Not us of course.”

“We’re special.”

Spit It Out!

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