Toddler Reader

It is unmistakable, I read like a toddler. At the age of… “I can’t for the life of me do the math, but in tenth grade, which I had to repeat a second time. English anyway.

I was told by a group of schooled professionals that I had a reading level of that of a 6th grader. Nothing like, hearing such a thing and it has stuck with me, especially the part about it never going to get better.

It stands true though, I still find it hard to read certain books written for children to my own. I can’t do it. I find it so difficult, but reading to-myself, in my head works fine, but coming out is another problem. Maybe it’s a lack of confidence and belief in myself.

“Who has the diagnosis of this? But it has caused me to avoid many books.”

I am a writer, who has poor reading skills and poor spelling and grammar. It’s no wonder my books haven’t sold well. Sometimes I think society is too hard on those who can only do one thing and not the other that are required to do because some great person or persons mastered it, their fore everyone should have the capability to do so. “WRONG!”

We are all unique and sometimes, well… who am I kidding… most times the people who suffer from dyslexia and inabilities and incapability’s to do certain things get passed off ass failures because they aren’t able to stand next to Mr. or Mrs. great who shine in the spotlight that, “YOU” cast on them.


toddler-potty-activities-potty-prep-fullI’m a toddler reader, and you know what… “IT”S FUCKING PERFECT”

At least the books I get to read make perfect sense rolling off my tongue and they sound like poetry and enthusiastically awesome.


2 thoughts on “Toddler Reader

  1. I think the reason your books didnt catch on is because not enough people read them and told others. You are a great author. It sounds like your problem is not reading. If you can read in your head and not out loud you can read fine. Sounds like you have trouble pronouncing the words out loud. So its something to do with sounding the words out not having trouble reading. Not sure what its called. Dont worry about not being able to do certain things. Its normal. Very creative people like yourself often have trouble with things like math. It just means you have a creative brain and not a logical one. Its what makes you the wonderful you that you are. Thats a good thing.

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