Youngest looking 30 year old

As a baby. I always appeared as a baby as you can see. I have a tiny body and face, with big chubby cheeks. I don’t believe I spoke very much, but I always knew what was going on around me. DSC02613


I aged like any other child growing up. I got taller and looked less like a baby and more like a little girl.

KSCN0001This is me at aged 16 years old. “Pretty normal right?”

This is me at aged 28100_1695As you can see there isn’t much of a different.

This is me now IMG_0682I’m wearing make up only in this photo of me 2 months shy of 30.

“People are starting to notice.”

I went to the casino yesterday and I gave my two pieces of ID that they require upon entry and usually they will just comment on my name and tell me I don’t look my age. However this time I presented my ID with a long pause. The security guard glanced from my ID to my face while shaking his head no and telling me something was up because there was no way I was the age on the card. So he began questioning me, asking me information about myself. He had no reason not to let me in when I had valid ID saying I was in fact almost 30 but he expressed how much he didn’t believe it.

It was even more humorous when I sat down at a machine with $40 dollars and lost it within 2 minutes of sitting. Usually I don’t go in unless I have a 100 to blow and then I sit at the dollar machine and mostly win up to a grand. Lately I hadn’t been very lucky but at least I never lost too much and I have a lot to show for my winnings. Talk about a king size bed that also has a frame and bedroom dresser set that’s on it’s way and many other things. It was very nice, I can’t complain.

I feel a bit uncomfortable now going because it means I will continue to be noticed for my name and for my age. I realize that without my ID not checking out they would have to allow me access into pubs and casinos and any where else that requires an ID for, but it’s now a hassle because I feel really young and I look how I feel and that could make life a bit of a challenge. I kept telling people I was immortal, maybe now they believe it.




2 thoughts on “Youngest looking 30 year old

  1. not sure what it is but I think there is a big difference in your 28 year old picture and the one now. Maybe its your hair or something but to me its a big difference

    1. I notice the difference to, however people still believe I’m only 16 years old every where I go. Haha. So perhaps when I was younger I looked younger than I was always and now I finally look 16 and seem to for years now. It’s very strange and sometimes it’s a tad ridiculous the things I have to go through in order to prove my age. :p for some reason to me, what I looked like at 16 and what I look like now, seem complete opposites to me, but I guess not to many others. Though most that meet me obviously don’t know what I looked like as a teen so they are just going off what I appear like now.

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