Hard to Breathe

My Cardiologist’s receptionist just called and let me know when my ECO test is. All my tests are being done next week. Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.

That’s all really soon, it must be urgent. I feel like it is, I am short of breath all day, even from just walking through the house. Or doing the dishes. It’s really bothering me. Not because I’m scared, I don’t really feel scared about it. I just want to be able to breathe better and of course stop having those episodes a few times a month.

All I know is, God’s not taking me yet because I’ve got two little boys that need me.  I feel like this is serious though because I just don’t feel right in my heart.

I’ve been taking it easy since I’ve gotten out of the hospital, but I’m a mom so taking it easy doesn’t really allow me to rest all that much.

One day at a time.

Spit It Out!

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