Another Episode

Ever since I went into the ER for my last episode that was more severe than my growing up ones that I get a few times a month, depending and I’m never sure what triggers them. They come on suddenly, but not so sudden where I don’t know when their about to start. There are starting symptoms that are always present, even now.

The first one it starts with is Nausea and then comes the uncomfortable feeling in my chest. I can’t explain this feeling, only that it feels like something is wrong with my heart. Or beating.

After the nausea comes the shakiness and by this I mean, starting with my hands they begin to shake slightly and that unravels into my whole body shaking. I can’t stop this from happening. I have slurred speech and I am confused but still aware and able to comunicate and know what’s going on.

Following that is more uncomfortable feelings in my chest, but now it’s uncomfortable and tense in my shoulders and upper back and it feels as though there is weight on my chest and I feel like it’s harder to breathe.

So I am still shaking and have slurred speech and the shoulders are tense and my chest is heavy and then I get the feeling I’m falling. This is very different from when I used to faint. It’s as though I’m going to sleep and I am trying to stay present. I try to name things around me in my head to stay “HERE” I take deep breaths to try and control it, but it isn’t controlled.

After that I get a tiny pain in my forehead, a different kind of headache that lasts about a minute and then I get a pain in my chest.

At least that’s all what I had yesterday on my way taking my other three children back home to their dad.

As the shaking eased off my left pinky and ring finger leading up that side of my hand to my wrist began going tingly and numb.

I was scared after the symptoms were easing off because I don’t know exactly what is causing this, but I know it’s bad. It just doesn’t feel right, at all.

Someone told me it sounds like a stroke, but that seems unbelievable.

I didn’t go to Emerg though, I figured the symptoms eased off and it was okay to go home and rest. I was tired afterwords as usual.

Little prayers that I make it to my doctor on Tuesday. I really don’t want to have to go into the hospital again, but obviously if it happens again I have to go in again. If it’s a stroke for a bizarre reason, it has to be checked.


3 thoughts on “Another Episode

  1. may not be panic attacks but certainly sound stress related. Doesnt narrow it down much except please dont get stressed until they find out what is wrong. Would be a dark world without Mandy superman

  2. I’m no doctor, of course, but it does not sound like a stroke to me. It sounds like heart problem and/or something affecting the sugar levels in your blood.
    Mandy, I think you were very foolish to have the kids over this weekend. You’ve been told to rest and the people telling you that mean it and care about you. I know they mean a lot to you but it’s not worth it to trade a few hours with them for a the rest of their lives not seeing you.
    I don’t know why your not in the hospital. The symptoms your describing here should mean that is where you belong until they figure out exactly what is going on. Naming the things around you may be a great way to stay awake but it also means the last word on your lips may be toilet.
    I don’t know the situation around you but you really need to find a way to really rest. That means the kids should be with someone not climbing on you. Your symptoms are very serious. Whether it’s panic attacks or heart attacks, it is serious. A panic attack may not kill you but they can be so bad you come out of it in the funny farm. PLEASE
    rest. Your body is sending out distress calls. It’s dialed 911 at least twice in the last week. Don’t ignore the calls.
    As for “little prayers”, I’m sending big ones. One to God to help you and one to you to rest.

    1. The doctors didn’t advise me to rest, they told me to eat more bananas because my potassium was low and to see the Cardiologist which is scheduled this week. I’ve had these episodes since I was 8. They had been passed off and ignored for all those years until now. The symptoms were still present when I went into the ER and I think that was a blessing because if they hadn’t been I don’t think they would have found anything and I would have been passed off again. I would die over and over again to see my children one time. The episode would have happened either way, I felt odd that morning, but it faded by afternoon as it usually does lately and comes back by evening. They wont keep me in the hospital unless they know the reason of the cause and it’s being assessed. I am classified as an urgent patient. But thanks for your concern.

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