Holtor Monitor

At 9:30 am today I got my Holtor Monitor hooked up. I had to lift up my shirt while the lady doctor wiped my chest in certain places with rubbing alcohol and a scratch pad thing which really burned. Then she attached the little things to it.

It burned even more. The burning lasted for about 20 minutes, which sucked and now the strap that holds the monitor on weighs on my back and my back hurts. Not going to be very happy today because it’s very uncomfortable. “Sigh”

Tomorrow I go back at the same time to get it off and then my stress test begins. I’m not looking forward to that one.

So far i’ve had a few things like shortness of breath from cleaning up toys I’ve had to document on the form. Or picking up my son. Simple things that always make me out of breath and cough.

When I first came home Rick said it looks like I have a bomb attached to me and advised me not to go out walking around. lol

It does look like a lot. :p


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