Stress Test

This morning I went into my Cardiologist’s office to get my Holtor monitor removed, which was good. She didn’t tell me results of it because they have to enter the info on it into the computer later.

Then she began hooking me up to more wires which burned like a bitch. I hate that. My skin is so irritated and red there now and hurts. Ouch

I started out slow on the treadmill and then faster, bringing my heart up o 190 and then I had to stop because I started to feel lightheaded and laid down on the bed.

The nurse said the testing went well and when I was done I was released to go home after the lightheadedness faded.

I haven’t received the results for the Holtor Monitor yet and my ECO testing is on Friday. I’m worried that it’s all going to be fine and they wont find anything even though I haven’t been feeling well and had and have had these episodes and it will all just be cast aside.

What if they label it as nothing and then it happens again?

It’s the reason I hadn’t brought it up to doctors in a long time, because I feel embarrassed after they find nothing even though I go in with symptoms and they find the symptoms at that time but no other time.

I feel like the symptoms over time have increased and at night I gasp for air, so I am worried that next time it will be more serious and it will all get passed off.

Maybe that’s stupid, but makes me feel so confused as to what this issue is.

Is it just nothing?

Will they find anything?

Wouldn’t they have found something through the stress test if it was something?

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