This morning I have to get my Echocardiogram done at the hospital which I’m not looking forward to because they have to put those sticky things on my chest again and I still haven’t healed fully from the last time and their going to scratch off a layer of my skin again.


I have been feeling a little better, but I still feel like my hearts beating funny every now and then. Or my breathing seems weird. I’m not sure what’s causing it yet and most of all what causes my episodes. I hope they find out or I will be back to square one and then when it happens again, it might be worse.

My condition has always been passed off and I guess I am worried that’s what’s going to happen again.

The stress test was fine according the the nurse that was there for it which seemed weird because after a few minutes on the treadmill,m when my heart rate was up to 190 I felt dizzy and got off of it and she had to help me onto the bed until it passed. She said that was normal.

That seems odd to me, but I guess everyone gets dizzy?


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