Turns out I set my alarm for 7:30 am and I could have set it for 8:00am wake up because my pick up time was five to nine because my appt was at 9:30am at the hospital. “Sigh”

I managed to rest in bed after getting the kids up, until I had to leave though, so that was good. I’m still tired though.

I got to the hospital and checked in and then made my way down to ambulatory care to see my Cardiologist for the first time who was very nice. I really liked him. He made me feel like he was listening to everything I said and cared about all my concerns and reassured that he was doing everything to find out what is going on.

So, my results for my tests came back normal, but he doesn’t want to completely rule out my heart because he says he thinks I still may have an arrhythmia so I will be going to do a test called a LOOP where I where another, (smaller) holtor monitor for a few weeks. I can take this one off to sleep and shower though, so that’s relieving.

I told him all my concerns and symptoms and talked him through what I experience and what happens afterwards, (how I feel…” He right away said he believes it is Partial Seizures. So he will be also writing a letter to my Doctor and asking him to refer me to a neurologist to get tested for that, so I will be getting a few tests done with that, as soon as it’s set up. He said their may be a wait for that, but my doctor may have some connections and be able to get me in sooner.

I feel relieving knowing that doctors are finally looking into this because it means I will know the cause and perhaps find a way to lesson the episodes.

I am nervous obviously about what the results for that will be, but I am thinking positive and just taking it step by step. So now I have to wait for a call from my Cardiologist for when to get the LOOP set up and also make an appt with my Doctor for 11 days from now to get my referral all set up. My Cardiologist was very surprised Doctors have passed this by all those years and no one has looked into further testing. He explained that fainting spells are always usually linked to the brain or the heart and that’s why it’s so important to do the testing to rule out those two things.

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