Unconditional love At It’s Purest

This is so beautiful. I cant believe how touching this was, to see a father do that for his daughter and the look she gave him at the end.  This is true love, unconditional love at it’s purest.

Sometimes as humans we get so caught up in our everyday lives to even take the time to engage in someones world. To brighten their life, to make them feel like they are soaring, even if beneath your wings. We forget to carry those who cannot walk and speak up for those who have no words.

Every time I am blessed to come across a moment of unconditional love at it’s purest, it brings me so much joy and love and peace in my heart knowing that this love still exists today. The love that Jesus tried to teach us. I am so blessed to be able to witness it and to try every day to be like him and sometimes it comes as a challenge as it does for everyone.

The word of God is still alive and the act of love is still present even now.

Share this if you were touched by this moment, one father did for his daughter. Giving her the joy of dance, giving himself away so that his daughter could experience the joy of dance, the fulfilment. The feeling of soaring.

Simply Beautiful ❤

One thought on “Unconditional love At It’s Purest

  1. WOW every once in a while you see something like this that reminds you that the world is not all bad and your right some people still show that love that Jesus talked about

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