The Bite

I went to bed early last night from being worn out from getting up through the night for my son Niki. He’s autistic and has trouble sleeping most nights.

After laying in bed I started getting a feeling of fear and it passed and then I felt a surge running through my head, a little pressure in my head. I had some Aura which lately seems to be like I’m looking through a blue tunnel of water and I see a blurry image at the end of it. I can’t make out what it is of and I don’t really feel the need to know.

I thought I fell asleep and then I was sitting up and I was biting down on my tongue, I couldn’t stop. I wasn’t breathing and I couldn’t let go of my tongue. Then I could and my heart was racing and felt like it was going to burst out of my chest from pounding so hard. It took a minute or two for my heart to slow and then I felt light-headed and tired and dozed off for a bit, not sure how long and then I awoke not wanting to go back to sleep.

I stayed up playing a game on my phone until I got tired again and waited for Rick to come to bed which wasn’t till close to 1:30am.

I am having episodes so often. It’s starting to scare me, but I try not to show I’m scared to others. I don’t like worrying people close to me.  I am afraid of night-time now. I do get them through out the day, but I don’t really remember much about them. Not sure why and my heart doesn’t pound for those during the day.

Does anyone know if this sounds like a seizure? or anyone with experience with seizures that could help by sharing their experiences and what kind of treatment they are now getting for it. Or the testing they had to undergo to diagnose their condition.

Please share if you have, I would really appreciate your imput and voice.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my post and I hope you follow and keep in touch.

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