How to Defuse your wife

10513452_10152194202437984_538710907273557610_nIt is brought to my attention that many men do not understand woman. I know that is not said about all men, because some men have skill. :p

Some men just know how to cue in on the needs of a woman and others need to have this skill drilled into their head some how. So here is a helpful guide for those men to help give their best in a relationship.

I am going to give the different moods of a woman and helpful guidelines to follow that will apply to most woman.

Happy- When your wife is happy, encourage her happiness by making her smile and building her up. Being playful and listening to her. This will bring more happiness to you and put her in the mood easier. “hint hint.”

Irritable-Give her space, do not crowd her or point out negatives or amplify her mood by pointing out her irritability. Simply give her a kiss and tell her she’s beautiful and let her be. It will sink in and she will come at you with love. “kill with kindness”

Angry-Leave her be for a bit until you find the strength to be calm and approach her with kindness and understanding. She is angry because she feels unheard or frustrated. If it’s not you it makes it a little easier. You can reassure that you understand where she is coming from and that you have her back. Be reassuring and gentle in your approaches. Explain what you mean if she wants to understand. Let her know you are listening and that you are there for her. Allow her to talk to you. Then give her space.

Sad- Comfort her, this is very important. Build her up and be her blanky. Be her protector, let her know you are there for her and that you understand why she is upset and reassure her. Do something nice for her that lets her know you care, something small goes a long way. ex(run her a bath for her to soak in, do the dishes, go on an errand she usually does. Allow her to sleep in the following morning.

It is important to give little gestures to let a woman know you are there and that you understand and that they are being heard. A woman will become a ticking bomb if you add to her stress or cross lines. Or make her feel that she is unheard, that her emotions are not important to because of hormones or what ever it may be. Always just reassure instead of assume or point things out that will anger the bomb.

If you really want to please your wife, try to take notice to the things she enjoys or has to do daily that she finds hard to and make things easier for her sometimes. It allows her to see that you care about her struggles. Do something she enjoys even if you don’t some times because she see’s you trying.

All the good needs will not go un-noticed and in most cases she will be eager to please you in return.


I hope this helps some fellows out there and some ladies :p

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