The Lion In The Night

Hours prior to going to bed I started getting this intuitive feeling that a seizure or (episode) since I have not been diagnosed yet, was coming on. I told Rick that I feel one going to start soon, I told him that maybe a few hours. I didn’t know for sure I just knew it was coming.

An hour or so later I began having nausea and I was looking forward to watching a movie and eating popcorn. I couldn’t even have popcorn I was so nauseous and lost my appetite. I snacked on soda crackers, but could only eat one.

The nausea passed and I felt better, but didn’t have an appetite so I just sipped my water. I watched a movie with Rick until about midnight when I headed to bed with him and about an hour later I began feeling odd and then I was trapped in the state I get stuck in when it happens. I remember feeling an electrical feeling going through my head and was having visual disturbances. I tried to speak but it came out as breath and mumbles.

I felt like it went on and on forever. I saw a lion in the room and I wondered why we were in an open zoo with lion’s. I had to sit up and look around to make sure that wasn’t where we were. I was in bed with Rick who was telling me it was ok and that I was safe.

I don’t really remember anything else.

I woke up feeling completely drained and tired, it felt like I had taken sleeping pills and I couldn’t wake up, I was seeing light floaters and I was walking a dream. I had to keep stopping myself from falling asleep. I laid on the couch and felt the electrical feeling again and remember jerking without control of it and then I was asleep and woke up. I’m not sure if I passed out or not.

I still don’t feel great, my body is sore and I just want to sleep all day, but I can’t and that really sucks.

I see my doctor in a few more days to ask for my referral.

Spit It Out!

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