The Label

It occured to me that a label attracts opinion.

Having the episodes that I have, have brought many challenges to me. It affects my daily life, “always has” I have to tell people about it when I meet them so that they know to look out for me. I never had a label before, so people passed it off and just watched out for me.

Now that it has evolved into something greater, maybe my heart and seizures or maybe just seizures i will find out soon, but now that it has a label, I get opinions. If my moods fluctuate, if I am upset about something, or something makes me angry the person thinks that it’s because I’m going to have a seizures, which means I am just the seizure. There is no me. It owns me, it controls me. Yes… well maybe it does sometimes, but not always.

I feel like I will get this sort of outlook on me now, especially when it is diagnosed as something. “Watch out for her… that’s her seizure talking”

It’s saddening that people can be like this to others without knowledge or understanding of how it may hurt the person. Do they even know what it’s like to walk in these shoes strapped to my feet with superglue.

I can’t stop that I have these episodes, I can’t help that they sometimes effect my mood if set off in the state leading up to them. It doesn’t mean that I am just the seizure all the time, if I am not happy I am not the seizure. If I get upset or angry or stressed about anything, it’s because of this condition.

Why do people do that?

“I don’t know about you, but I hate labels”



Spit It Out!

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