What Aladdin Has Taught Me

This was one of my top favorite disney kids movie as a child, but I can say that for a lot of them. I remember the first time I got Aladdin it was for Christmas and my mom put it on for us (my siblings and I) I must have watched it four times in a row I was so excited about it, but for some reason the beginning creeped me out and gave me weird feelings. I never liked the creepy man trying to sell the lamp and then tells the story. :p

Aladdin has taught me

If your poor you need to find a pet monkey who can steal for you, if he has sword fighting skills consider it a bonus.

If you want to be with someone all you have to do is become rich and present yourself as a prince or princess by riding an elephant.

A carpet can fly if you trust it

Living in a castle sucks

Creepy old men like young girls

Rubbing an old lamp will give me three wishes and Robin Williams

Lying is the key to getting married

Singing songs together makes the world come alive with magic

Sand will suffocate you

There is a way out of a sealed cave, all you need is to believe

Eating too many crackers will make you crazy

Singing to bad guys chasing you will confuse them

Rugs are good at chess

Never trust a creepy old man with missing teeth

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