Squamish Land

I’m not sure why, but the name makes me think of sponge bob square pants. “who is no where to be seen on campus”

Myself and our little family are at a university in Squamish for my amazing fiance Rick who is a brilliant Web/Code/Tech person. “I have no idea what is exact title, I like to refer to him as “Genius man” Lets titled him that. He’s very intelligent which is a hugely attractive quality. 🙂

When we first arrived here after a long 3 hour drive or… hmm I’m not too sure because I lost a bit of time from having Aura and a seizure during it.  “How fun” 😦

Well we got to check into our room and then had to walk and carry the boys a long ways up and down hills to get to the cafeteria in time for dinner. It was stressful. I was sick from the heat and Aura and recovering from another seizure. It was tough. A very rough evening. Today has been much better. The view is amazing and Niki is in daycare for the day which has been really nice and he’s having loads of fun and me and teddy are hanging out in the suite right now until lunch when we have with Rick and Niki as soon as he comes to get me. We are leaving tonight to go back home.

It was tough, but it is working out good now, so I’m happy about that.

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Spit It Out!

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