A disaster

SO Squamish Land was a complete disaster. It was starting to get better during the day yesterday, but as the day rolled on and Niki was brought back to the small suite from daycare and Rick was out for drinks with his buddies I was stuck in the suite with both kids who were hungry and fussy. I must have sung kids songs for a half hour straight, non-stop to get them settled and then Rick finally came back to get us for dinner and we get there and again they have a horrible selection of food. They have Salmon this time which I can’t eat because I have an allergy to it and I don’t want to give it to the kids just in case they do to and Ricks blood sugars low so I am carrying Teddy and Niki is running from me and I have to chase after him with Teddy in my arms and my heavy purse with their bottles in it and trying to figure out what Rick wants so his blood sugar can come up. A big scene and it was just a complete disaster.

I knew it was an awful idea to bring kids along for a thing like that, but with my condition Rick refused to leave me alone. I am glad to be home and I hope I never have to endure that again. OYE

On a positive note, I got some nice pictures out of it.

10537299_10152218960422984_4322639421453668562_n 10518692_10152219042827984_4089462333686362457_n 10417764_10152219042767984_2489549909573246768_n

Spit It Out!

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