Yucky Pool

SO… our pool is nasty as shit. Excuse my lingo but I got up this morning to a dirty pool, it turns out we needed more than the simple cup of chemical stuff Rick had put in the pool to keep it clean, though he is forgetful so he probably hadn’t added it in quite a while. :p

The neighbors on either side I think felt bad for me and were really nice to me and lended me their cleaning stuff and told me what to get to keep it maintained so that’s good, but when I walked all the way to the store to get the puck dispenser for the pucks that one of the neighbors gave to me, they were a clearance item that was all sold out. “go figure” so I bought Gummy worms instead, oh and a few other girly things like coconut body wash, deodorant and conditioner, eye liner since mine sucks ass and keeps breaking. :p

I went to relax outside and have a rum and coke and snack on my gummie worms but the mosquitoes were eating me alive. Nasty little buggers.

I did a lot of work today, I’m tuckered out. I mowed the lawn, tidied up the house, did some laundry, played with the kids and all that entails of everyday life as a mother and partner and then I sprayed the pool cover off and cleaned the pool from leaves and put the cover on it. I added the chemicals that the neighbors gave me and it looks a little better, but definantly not swimable yet. I’m no pool expert, but I know when not to swim. Ha!

Today I was imagining me sitting outside in the sunshine with the kids playing the ukulele, singing. I really want to get one so I can learn, I hear it’s really easy to learn on one and since I have small hands and fingers and I can’t for the life of me play the guitar I would really like to be able to play something and I think I’d be able to play something small and simple like that. 🙂 I really hope someone gets me one for my birthday, if not I will eventually get one for myself. I don’t even think anyones planning anything for my birthday. It’s my 30th.  I can’t believe it. “how did I get so old.” Grey hairs and wrinkly skin are starting, but no one can see that but me… and my hair dresser. :p

I still feel young ❤

2 thoughts on “Yucky Pool

  1. U might find something to play in a pawn shop. Thrift stores, I’ve noticed, don’t carry much of that stuff for some reason. But pawn shops seem to have lots of guitars and keyboards. Maybe they’ll have a uke too. BTW, we did the same stuff… well at least some of it. No kids here but the rest was the same. ;?)

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