Memory Monday (Post 3)

When I was in high school I began discovering more of my spirituality and my ability to know and see things that others couldn’t. Back then I never knew anything to do with seizures and Aura so to me it was all part of my spiritual growth and I still believe some of it was.

Many knew me as the girl who could see the future and once I had mentioned to my class mates about there would be an earthquake that day and they chuckled and laughed it off and then the earth started moving and an earthquake began and everyone got under their tables and I sat at my chair in complete stun because I had actually predicted it and even though I knew it was so, the fact that it was amazed me. I joined my classmates under the table and they stared at me with this look of fear and curiosity.

I was once locked in a class room of students who threw crumpled paper at me and chalk and teased me, calling me the messenger of God and asking if I was a witch.

Not a very good memory for me, but I didn’t cry or talk back to them and waited it out until the teacher returned and I kept it to myself instead of telling what had happened. When I got home, I cried and cuddled up with my journal I kept and wrote what had happened. My journal was basically to Jesus and I remember he answered me and told me that, “People sometimes dislike what they do not understand.”

I know that looking back, it may be Aura, but then I also know that God exists and no matter what condition I have, I still have a strong connection with God and I do know that not all visions are the cause of seizures, but what do I know?


Spit It Out!

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