Calling All Pirates

10552644_10152235196287984_3804322413889797290_nI looked outside and saw this. I think it’s a message, but what does it mean?

Maybe their Pirates and it’s a calling to go on a treasure hunt. “I hope so.” That would be really fun

I was singing and looked outside and saw it, maybe it was a sign to stop cause I was poisoning their ears?

hahahaha “Nahhh” I sing good :p

If you were a pirate what kind of pirate would you be?

I’d be a pirate that had floating hearts coming off of me and every where I went I sent hearts to everyone and they could eat them like candy and they have little messages on them. Like the valentine hearts. “I do love those”

There is a high possibility I am drunk writing, but there is also a chance I am just saying that. “I’ll never tell.”


Spit It Out!

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