Make-Up Ameture

10301496_10152240976527984_6131727360472954769_nIn the last two days I have purchased a number of make-up products. I have never had a good quality selection of make-up and never really got into wearing much and when I did I didn’t do a very good job at putting it on.

Unlike most girls I never got taught how to do it and transferring schools and being a wife and mother straight out of high school kind of separated me from that sort of surrounding to even learn.

10410572_10152241470592984_4077204957922283068_n 10511103_10152241470702984_7626728654525455206_n 10511138_10152241470807984_8800227341560917716_n 10483296_10152241470327984_4521719488517917847_n

What do you think, did I do a good job ? :p

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