Frozen Yogurt

Okay so it’s a normal day and I am walking back from getting some goods from the store when to my surprise there is a new little place on the corner.

It is colorful inside with rainbow color mix mach everything. Pink chair, white tables, colorful counter… it’s like being in a care bear land meant just for me. If I had a place it would look something like this little place. It says Frozen Yogurt. “I have to go in and try it!”

I mean I would be completely moronic not to, am I right? “shut up, I am.”

Okay so I have to go to another store so I get that over with and then stroll back over and ask for a sample first because its better to sample then to fill up a huge cup and find out you hate it after you pay for it. I took a sample cup and watched how another lady used the cool machines on the wall with handles and I selected Bubble gum hoping that is was the blue ice cream I saw a young lady eating days ago on a curb while on a walk. I wanted to ask her where she got it, but I am shy and my outgoingness is limited and in moments.

I sample the bubble gum and its blue, “YAY” I note to myself that the ice cream comes out like poo, but its cool looking so I laugh it off and shovel some into my mouth from the tiny sample cup and…

“I’m in love.”

I tell the lady I am sold and grab a huge cup which has colorful dots on it haha awesome and then take a look at the many toppings you can put on and decide I just want it as it is. I take it up and pay for it still holding the sample cup which begins to leak onto my hands and I lick it off and grab a napkin. I think I was the loudest person in there. Haha. I have my loud moments as well.

“I love it.”

Only downside is I end up looking like I ate a smurf after I’m finished. Yep, my teeth, my tongue and my lips are blue now, but you know what?

“It was all worth it.” and also, “I would do it again.”

10544780_10152243149737984_2981249146352285470_nI’m keeping the spoon. I think I’m going to collect them in every color they have for you to choose from haha. “MUST HAVE THEM ALL!”


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